Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My First Imagine: George Shelley

~If you don't know who George Shelley is, it's okay. He is a part of the new boy band group, Union J. Also, I use names in my imagines. This one's name is Rosale.~

~Every rose has its thorn~

I can't believe this has just happened to me! Well, I didn't think I was good enough anyway. My now ex boyfriend just broke up with me! Because I don't see him anymore and it's not my fault that I can't see him. He could come and watch me preform but, no. I am now in Boot Camp for The X Factor I am so nervous  I am waiting backstage when I spot to my left, Union J. Union J was only three people but, the judges decided to put George Shelley in the group. I look over and walk over to them.

"Hey guys! Good luck tonight!" I said, trying to cheer up.

"Hey Rose! You too. You rock!" JJ says to me.

"Yeah Rose. You are better than us!" Jayme says. I start to blush. These guys are phenomenal and for them to say I am better than them? Wow.

"Hey guys. Aren't you missing George?" I ask seeing that George is nowhere in sight.

"Oh, I think he is in his dressing room. You can go say hi and try to cheer him up. We can't" Josh replies.

"Thanks Josh. I will see what's up with him. I will get back to you guys." I say, "Good luck you guys!"

"You too, Rosale!" they shout as I walk to there dressing room.

This is bad. Very, very bad. I think as I walk/run to George. As I reach the door, I knock and hope for an answer. Very silent pause and then I hear from the inside, "Come in, Rose" very softly He knows me too well, I thought as I walk in.

"George, long time know see." I say to George, curled up in a ball in the corner, "What's wrong?"

"Rose, have you ever had the feeling you're unloved and unwanted?" George says, trying to hold back tears. I walk over and sit by him, grabbing his hand.

(Okay, let's get this straight he is just my friend, best friend actually, but I kinda have a crush on him. If doesn't matter anyway, he has a girlfriend and April is my friend.)

"George, I didn't tell anyone this because it just happened. I just broke up with my boyfriend." I say, trying not to cry, "So, the answer to your question is yes. I do feel unloved and unwanted right now."

That's when he looks up at me and gives me a sweet kiss. "What a coincident, April just broke up with me." George says smiling.

Still shocked abut the kiss, I say, "Did she give you a reason? Brian's was because we don't see each other. He could come watch me preform. But, nope."

"Well, I guess this is my chance." says George, getting up. I am confused. Chance for what? Maybe he likes me? No, Rosale, that's impossible.

As I get up, I find George, standing there about to say something. "Rosale, I never told anyone this. Not even the guys. But,  I have a major crush on you. But I could never tell you because of Brian and April but know, its my chance." George says, "Rose, will you be mine?"

Trying not to cry, I say, "George, never ever told anyone. Not even my pillow. I have had a major crush on you since day one. Like you said, could never confess it because of Brian and April. Now that they are out of the way..." I walk over and kiss him. Not like a two second kiss. Like a real kiss.

"So, is this good news for us?" George says after kissing.

"What do you think?" I ask, "C'mon, we better get back to them!" I say while grabbing George's hand and running out of the dressing room and down the hall to meet with the guys.

"George, are you feeling better?" JJ asks.

"Very much so." He replies smiling down at me.

"Hey, I should get going. Need to get dressed and get my hair done. Good luck guys." I say.

"Okay. See you later. Love you. Good luck!" George say as he leans in and kisses me good bye.

"Bye guys!!" I yell half way down the hall.

"Um, something we are missing?" John says, confused.

George just smiles and says, "Long story."

~First imagine.~

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